Hulugan Falls of Luisiana, Laguna

Laguna is known for waterfalls. Pagsanjan and Bukal falls are just a couple of them. Another majestic waterfall is taking the lime light since its debut online in 2015, the Hulugan Falls.

As early as five in the morning we were already at the bus terminal bound to Sta. Cruz in Buendia near LRT1 almost ready for our three-hour bus ride to Luisiana. (Tell the bus conductor to drop you off in Pasawitan jeepney terminal. Bus fare (P140.00).

As soon as we reached Pasawitan there is already a jeepney waiting for passengers going to Lucban. When we told them we were going to Hulugan falls they were more than welcome to let us in and told us that it will be leaving in 10 minutes (jeepney fare is P30.00)

Approximately 30 to 40 minutes from Pasawitan, we reached Barangay San Salvador.

From the main road, walk few meters towards the baranggay to information desk and registration (P30.00 registration fee) and secure a guide (no suggested fee for a guide).

After a brief orientation you will need to ride a tricycle (fare is P20.00) going to the jump off point where you start the trek for about 30 minutes to the first stop-Talay falls and Hidden Falls.

From Talay and Hidden falls, you will have to trek for another 30 to 45 minutes to reach Hulugan Falls. The trek is relatively easy.

On our way to Hulugan, there is a rest stop where you can catch a glimpse of the waterfalls.

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Few more steps down to the base of the mountain is the highlights of our tour.

Luisina is called as “Little Baguio of Laguna” because of its high elevation. True enough, even the sun on its zenith, the temperature of the water still gives you chills.

After a few hours of enjoying the nature we headed back to the jump off point. Now please note that the trail back to jump off is quite challenging for non hikers. Make sure to take your time.


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