Just Do It!


What Makes Life Interesting?

For some people, life is so unfair and sometimes absurd. Arising from different roots like family problem, financial insolvent, physical deformity and others, contribute to people with low self-value to think that life is unfair, if you may allow me to repeat it. Ridiculous to others. As a result of this unfairness and absurdity, they tend to do things that are no longer within their conscious mind. Suicide for example, committing crimes, or just being completely laid back, idle, complacent and nothing to care about, nurturing its meaningless day.

With my retrospect about life, base from my experiences, books I read and the people I talk with and some observations, I realize that there is so much life has to offer. Different wonders can be seen that if you will only open your eyes you will just see but also appreciate anything up to the least of your concern.

Picture life as a cycle of growth with so many ups and down. This is already known to us actually but somehow, we never realize it. As a process, it has a beginning, the middle and the ending. It is multiplicity of cycle and repeating most of the time.

You begin with your goal, then your means to achieve it. With diligence and persistence in the end, you’ll get your prize. But in life, this is not as simple as one, two, and three.

Our environment, family, society, or even the work place we are into give us the goals both directly and indirectly. Then as we realize these goals, we think of the means how to accomplish them. At first, we find it easy as Paulo Coelho says on his book, it is the principle of favorability… the universe is conspiring to help you achieve your goals. But as long as you go farther and farther, reaching your goals, you will encounter difficulties trying to divert your focus on them not on your dreams. If you are persistent enough you will get your prize, but if you lose, you’ll find yourself in a different direction. Maybe you will try to look for a detour. If you get lucky you may still find your goals. But worst if you find yourself stuck on the same ground.

What do we do then?

I guess, all we got to do is to do what we got to do. Make yourself free. Free like an avian race that go beyond borders as they feel like it, as they feel need it. Do what you need to do and what you want to do. Because when your hair already turned grey, it’s far more better to reminisce those good memories and happy moments than to have second guesses of the things that could have happened, fantasizing useless thoughts because what else you can do if you are already stuck on a wheel chair or death-bed? You will end up full of regrets. So just do it! Go for it!


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