The Climb: Mt. Maynoba in Tanay, Rizal

It is true that there is a first time for everything. Most of the time if not all the time, first time is the most memorable and unforgettable experience that any man would like to reminisce in the old days and say, “Back in the day…” “When I was at your age…” etc. Good thing we have now this thing we call “internet”, “blog site.” Just tell them to go online and search for The Climb with a reminder not to forget to leave a comment.

Speaking of first time, this is my first attempt to write about something I did this weekend. It was totally insane! Well, as I have mentioned in my ‘About Me’ page, most of the time I am pretty laid back not doing anything except for my weekly drinking. Yes, you read it ( I was gonna write ‘you heard me’ but then I realized that I was not speaking to you, I am writing. Lol).

Anyway, as I was saying, last weekend was awesome!

Epi (Santizima Magnifico), a good friend of mine since high school never stop bugging me to join him on a hike. He asked me like a thousand times (I am exaggerating) and never gives up until I finally gave up on him saying “No,” “Maybe,” and “I shall try” and instead I said “Okay I will go, but just this once.”

Things I had to do to prepare.

To be honest I have no idea what I am going myself into. Epi gave this long list of what to prepare and bring for the hike. And guess what, the only thing I have on his list was extra pair of socks. Thanks to the power of ‘Facebook’ it is just one post away to get any help you need. I was able to borrow a tent which is a life saver, thanks to Anne Labrador! I can’t imagine going to a camp without a camping tent! Moreover, I had to buy a trekking shoes. I was so lucky that the very shoes I bought was perfect for river crossing! The shoes has micro-holes at the bottom so water will just drip off from it without removing the shoes from my feet. Amazing!

Beyond it.

Mt. Maynoba pronounced as my-noo-ba settled in Bgy. Cayuba in Tanay, Rizal. Mountain seekers undoubtedly considers this location with highest success rate of sea of clouds. Others prefer to call it river of clouds. It is very close to Metro Manila making it a good destination to experience nature for experienced and non-experience hikers alike. This mountain offers the view of famous Sierra Madre, Mount Irid and many more.

The Trekking.


We arrived at the Jump Off site around 4:30 in the afternoon. After registration followed by a short prayer the group began to ascend around 6:00 pm. We reached the bamboo area after one and a half to two hours and passed the waterfalls systems (composed of 8 waterfalls). Then the challenging part begins. Experience mountaineers called it “The Assault” where the trail becomes more aggressive and stiff. The level of difficulty increased by 100% or more. For the record, I am not an experienced hiker so I can’t be so sure of the difficulty level, but from what I had experienced, the term assault really live to its name. After about four hours of trekking we finally arrived at the peak of Mt. Maynoba or referred as the Summit by mountaineers. You can see in us mixed faces of exhaustion, success and sense of pride while those who came earlier greeted and congratulated us who just arrived.

We set up camp, prepared food had a drink celebrating a successful hike. Joke around, share experiences and reasons why you wanted to climb a mountain. Different reasons were given like finding their soul mate, trying to move on from a recently broken relationship, make new friends. Others like me were invited and had no idea what we are going to happen. I also learned a trivia. Imagine that! Well, one of the member of the group said that 80% of the people mountaineering are those who broke up with their relationship and the other 20% are those who want to win those broken hearted. Ofcourse he was making a satiric statement but maybe he’s right.

I slept early (what a shame) because I only had 3 hours of sleep that morning before we went up. I had a night shift the night before so you can probably imagine how tired I was already. My mind wants to stay awake but my body no longer can keep up with the rest so I went in to my tent and take a nap. It was already one in the morning and I don’t want to miss day break where a stunning sight awaits.

And it is not just an ordinary clouds. Luckily for me I woke up 2 minutes before 5:00 am and able to witness the grandeur of nature.

Thanks guys…


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