Kalanggaman Island, a Total Adventure

Located 11°7’4″N, 124°14’57″E municipality of Palompon in Leyte, Philippines with a land area stretching about 2 hectares, one hour boat ride from Palompon; known for its pristine white sand bars on both sides, torquise water, and stunning blue sky – that is Kalanggaman Island.

Didn’t you know that a local owner sold it to a businessman feom Cebu for a very cheap price and planned to turn it into a luxurious resort?* Thanks to the collective effort of the Palompon local government and its townsmen the island was saved from the verge of destruction.

We camped overnight on the island last week (July 2, 2016) with my high school friends Ena and Kat with Ruffa a new found friend we met in Palompon together with Maynard and friends. We arrived around 1:00 in the afternoon, set up our camp and discover every bit of this precious island. Here are some photos I took.

If you come from Palompon going to Kalanggaman you will be greeted by the island with the eastern sand bar waving at you.

The east sand bar of the island is more than 200 meters long. When we left the island the next day it was raining, almost half of this was submerged in water.

You will never miss the famous white chair and get a yourself photograph.

If you want to be alone and get yourself in introspect, the edge of the long east sand bar is the perfect spot. (notice the dark section on the right side? There’s another story for that.)

The west part of the island is another sight to experience. It is like the hardcore section because rocks dominated the area. See for yourself.

After trekking the very rocky road you will see the west sand bar. This part of the island is mostly submerged in water. You can see sand area separated by knee-deep water. Be careful with different types of sea urchins if you decided to cross.

Yes we crossed! There we met some fishermen who were resting after a tiring day before they embark towards home.

Then we went back to the center of the island where campers are staying. Right in the middle you will see this memorial structure which is the only man-made structure left standing after Typhoon (Hurricane) Yolanda hit the island in November 3, 2013.

So that was the fun part of the trip.

Around 6:30 in the evening we were having our dinner when a strong wind started to beat the hell out of us. It was so strong that we had to hold our tents to keep them on the ground. It was like pandemonium. Campers went crazy and we certainly did not prepare for anything like that to happen. It lasted for about 30 minutes then it died down. We were thankful nobody was hurt. Then it rained. Perfect! And as the saying goes, “when it rain, it pours.” It really did pour on us big time.

We stayed inside our tent trying to keep our bags not to get wet. “It does not matter if we get wet as long as our bags are safe” we said. Truly enough we slept with our soaking clothes. We can’t complain, that was all part of the #adventure we were all looking for. So we had a couple of beer instead while browsing the pictures we took that day and laugh about it then slept. At least we tried to.

I woke up literally every two hours that night and the rain had not stopped yet.

Morning has broken, we were all happy we survived the night. There was still drizzle but that’s alright. We went straight to the beach and had a good swim because anytime soon our boat will arrive to pick us up. Not so long enough they were there.

Surely, I will not forget this trip ever. The rain, the sunny heat and not to mention the tornado (that was the other story I mentioned earlier but that deserves a separate blog post), everything turned out to be perfect for me. We experienced different weather conditions in the island. Met new friends. Beaten up by strong wind. Embraced nature and be with it. To sum it all up, t’was a total adventure!




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