We Finally Made it to Mt. Irid

18 river crossings, 7 hours trekking, what else do you need?

For this trip we managed to rent two tricycles from Tanay proper going to Sta. Ines barangay hall. Each tricycle for 5pax (Php.2,000.00 round trip per tricycle). First 7 rivers to cross.

Left Tanay proper around 12noon and reached barangay hall of Tanay by 2:00 pm.

Had a short meal, registration (Php.100.00 and Php.10.00 for seedling to be planted along the way) and orientation with the guides, Mang Boy and Mang Floring (1:5 ratio, Php. 1,250.00 for overnight), short lrayer then we started our trek by 3pm going to camp site.

Our first river crossing.


The distances from river 1 to 2 and so forth down to 7th river is pretty much the same so you are gonna feel like you’ll reach the 11th river in a swift but your wrong. River 8 to 11 is qhite farther. Do note that in rainy season river may swell and can be dangerous to cross.

Keep our mountain clean and healthy by planting more trees.


We were greeted by a rainbow on our way as if saying good luck and great adventure.

Mt. Irid as seen on our way to camp site.

By 6:30 in the evening we finally reached the camp site. We pitched tents, freshen up, prepare dinner, dinner, short socialization then lights out by 9:00 pm.

It’s January of 2018, the strong wind outside howl like an enormous monster of the night with icy breeze that chills you to the bones. We intended to start the hike by 2am so we had our clocks set at 1:00 in the morning. Clock was never late it started to ring on time, opened our tent but we could not get out because it was so freaking cold. So we went back to our tents and decided to pass another hour.

By 2:00 am we finally went out and started to boil water for coffee. Prepare sandwiches to pack exactly 2:40 we started the trek all way up to the summit.

The first few minutes of the trek from the camp site is flat surface with minor uphill. Then the real deal begins. The entire two hours and twenty minutes trek are all assault with an angle of 60° to 75°. It also rained halfway to the summit so the trail was muddy and slippery. Good gloves on both hands is recommended since limestone rocks along the way are spikey and some of the grass and woods have torns.

Finally we reached the summit by 6:20 in the morning. There was no good clearing in the summit at that time and the wind was really strong.


We stayed in the summit for about an hour and started our descent at 7:30am. Had a long dip in Kinabuan Falls (a separate post for that) and back at the barangay hall around 3:00 pm for quick lunch/merienda then a long river-cross-in-a-tricycle ride going back to reality and whole lot of body pain.

Mt. Irid with clear sky. Too bad we were already on our way back to jump off site.



Our first attempt to climb this mountain was a complete fiasco. First we crossed four rivers by foot to reach the jump off point, then did not have our “Permit to Hike” and soon found that we could not hike Mt. Irid without the hard copy of the permit (see previous post for details). But that did not stop us from pursuing this mountain. 3 months later here we are at Mt. Irid Summit:

Things you need to do if you plan to go to Mt. Irid.

  1. Secure your “Permit to Hike” directly from Tanay Tourism. It is a must.
  2. Prepare. Mt. Irid summit is the highest mountain peak in Rizal. With an elevation of 1,469 meters above sea level and a level difficulty of 6/9 thus considered a major climb.
  3. From Bgy. Sta. Ines Hall as the jump off site, you will need to cross 11 rivers by foot to get to the camping site. This woiluld take approximately three and a half hours depending on your pace.
  4. From Camp Site to summit is the beggining of the assault. Several meters of grassland from the camp site then the rest is about 60° to 75° assault untill you reach the summit (approx. 3 hours trek).
  5. Consider the month when you are going. Expect occasional rain fall during rainy season. Extreme caution is needed during this weather condition because the trail is slippery and muddy.

4 thoughts on “We Finally Made it to Mt. Irid”

    1. Hi Cristina, pwede kayong makipag coordinate kay Pintoy para sa permit to hike.
      ontact Pitoy (point person) at +639293265454 or 639263652353, not sure if this is still updated ha.
      better derecho kayo sa Tourism office mismo sa Tanay


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