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Things You Can Do in Baler, Aurora

Not so long ago, my travel buddies and I went to Baler to have a first-hand experience of Baler surf. Since surfing is becoming more popular as an outdoor activity, we decided to pack our bags and head towards north. Aside from surfing, there are several things you can do in Baler. Here is a short list that you can consider:

  1. Surfing
  2. Trekking. Your visit to Baler is never complete without seeing the Ditumabo Falls in San Luis town approximately two-hour drive from Baler. Known as the Mother Falls, so huge with a height of 140 feet among other waterfalls in Baler why such name is given to her. Going to this falls is a bit tiring. Be prepared to trek for about two to three hours. Don’t get scared, I tell the sight of the this waterfalls alone will pay off your effort. Besides you will even stay longer if you could.
  3. The Monument. It is like walking in a museum. The town itself is a collection of historical heritage from natural to man-made structures such as Church of Baler, Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House, Museo De Baler and Ermita Hill.
  4. Balete Tree. Known as Millennium tree. It stand there for over 600 years. It take at least 60 men, holding each other at arm’s length, to encircle the tree!Mga Lamang Lupa sa Balete (Gnomes in Balete Tree). The tree is so huge that you can actually enter inside and play ‘hide and seek.’Atop the tree. Local tourist guides will help you climb up if you want. There’s no harness available so you better be very careful going up if you try. Well, it is part of the adventure so why not?

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    These are just few of the many activities that one can enjoy in Baler. Not to mention the different waterfalls in nearby barrios, unspoiled beaches, white-sand shorelines among others.
       (most of the photos grabbed from salingkatkat facebook album)