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 ATV Rush and Mud Trail Must-have Experience

Just like in the movies I must say. If you are going to southern Luzon to visit Mayon, might as well drop by to one of the many ATV tours offered in the area. A fun way to experience the terrain of the volcano in wheels!

An ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle also known as quad, quad bike, three-wheeler or four wheeler as define by the American National Standards Institute is a popular tourist attraction in the south. It travels in low pressure tires, a seat straddled by the operator with handle bars on the front for steering. Basically, it is like driving a motorcycle (bicycle) with three, four or six tires (6 tires used for specific applications). Amazing!

Depending on the type of ATV you need to know the basics of driving specially changing gears. Luckily for us non-drivers, most of the ATVs being used in these tourist spots use only forward and backward gear shifts! Your speed will depend on gas. You just have to start the engine, shift gear to forward, press gas then go! Enjoy driving! Have fun. Wait! make sure you wear helmet and other protective gears for your safety. Don’t forget the brakes to decelerate!

Below are some photos we took.