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Mt. Natib + Pasukulan Falls for Dummies

One of the hardest climb I ever had so far. Just less than three hours away from Manila in the province of Bataan lies a gem for mountain enthusiasts to find peace after a week of non-stop day-to-day routine. A change of activity on a weekend regardless how tiresome it could be is a great way of relieving stress, don’t you agree?

We wanted to run away from stress at work by conquering Mt. Natib, how ironic is that? What were we thinking?

Although I post alot of entries about hiking, I don’t want to give you an impression that we are all professional climbers. Please let me make that clear that we are not 😉. We’re just a bunch of people who wants to do something different on a weekend and hiking is just of the things that is out of the ordinary we do outside work. So if you are reading this, trying to make some research before you go to Mt. Natib, you are on the right track.

Below is a full view of Mt. Natib and the old caldera wall as seen from the view deck.

We left from the jump off point at 11:00AM and reached the view deck after 1 hour. Here, we rested for a bit and took some photos before taking off going to Pasukulan Falls.

At 12:30PM we started our trek off to the next stop which we called “the fork.” It is where the trail splits on your left going to Pasukulan Falls and forward to the base of the Mt. Natib. It was 1 and half hours of mostly forested trail with so many stones. I recommend to wear a good pair of shoes because those stones can be a little bit of a nuisance to your feet.

After a short break at “the fork” we went back to business and headed to Pasukulan falls which took us about two hours to reach the camp site, just 3 minutes away from the waterfalls.

We passed few streams along the way.

As soon as we reached the camp site, we were welcomed by a little bit of drizzle, so we hurriedly pitched our tents in fear that it might rain. Thankfully, in less than 10 minutes we were all set and the drizzle also stopped.

We were all very excited specially me and went straigth to the falls. Going to the falls from the camp site will give you a taste of what kind of rappeling you need to go through on the way to the summit. It was quite challenging but the view of the falls is all worth the efforts.

We stayed there before dusk and went back to the camp site to prepare our dinner as well as got ready for tomorrow’s big game.

As early as 3:00AM, Angel, Awing and Joc were all awake and started to prepare our breakfast. A quarter before 6:00 AM we began our trek back to the fork and go straight to the summit.

We reached the fork around 8:00 and we discussed if we were to bring our bags with us all the way to the summit. Our guide suggested to leave our bags behind instead. We were happy that we did because from the foot of the mojntain to the summit is a never-ending assault with 10 rope segments!

Let us have a look: