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Achy Breaky Me

Spoiler Alert!!!

Two of my girl buddies would always ask me to watch Filipino chick flick movie and to be honest I love local movies but not this genre. I preferred horror, action or fantacy but definitely not romantic comedy. Anyhow I was forced to do so during our trip to Kalanggaman in Leyte as long as they were paying which unfortunately they have money so I had to do the end of the bargain. They were hesitant at first and negotiated 50/50 but I won’t watch ot unless they pay. I think they wanted to torture me that bad so they paid. They also wanted to know my thoughts after watching it so here it is.

First of all, I love the audience very much. I was amazed how they respond. They interacted as if they play a part on the entire movie like literally. They giggled everytime guy actors would appear on screen. Agreed to every lines. Not to exaggerate things but I think I heard someone cried in the middle of the movie. It was crazy!

The movie is about a story of Chingay played beautifully by Jodi Sta. Maria who is in the mid 30s and still single. I think nobody can do the part but Jodi. Yes, others can but no one can play it perfectly except her. Other actors will give it a different taste.

It a story of being hopeful that love will come around. Happilly single in the mids of your active, busy and independent single friends. Co-stars by Ian Veneracion (Ryan) and Richard Yap (Frank) who then wanted to steal her heart.

The opening scene had me! Point blank! “When are you gonna get married?” a question that echoes everytime I visit my relatives. Unbelievable! So this was realy a torture movie after all. Lol.

As a whole, the movie was enjoyable to watch. It is not a typical movie that has a ascending emotion that ends with a climax. There are scenes that I think too long or unnecessary but the acting of actors made it very entertaining that you forget about those. The chemistry of the actors is undeniably perfect.

Although it did not specifically portray if being single is something you have to feel depressed or make you more independent. It was safe all throughout letting the audience decide whether they would feel bitter or be happy waiting for that someone to come around or come back. The ending is also not cliché having a happy ending. It is open ended so the audience can decide who they wanted to end up together.

In my opinion in a scale of 1 to 10 I will probably give it a 7. Yep that’s my score. If you want to give it a perfect 10 go ahead and write your own review. Hehe. Peace!

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