Tips When Going to Kalanggaman Island

To go to the island, you need to go to the town of Palompon first which is about 3-hour bus or van ride from Tacloban New Terminal. Transportation fee is Php.150.00 then 1-hour boat ride to reach the precious island. Different fees apply for the boat and registration.

During our Kalanggaman Island trip we experienced both best and worst conditions but as a whole, the trip was a total adventure. Here are some tips I can recommend you do for your trip:

  1. It is best to contact the Eco-tourism office first before finalizing your plan. You can call their Booking Service Desk Hotline at +639173037267 (69). You don’t want to go there and not given entry because they are fully booked. According to Booking Service Desk, they only accommodate a total of 500 visitors in the island.
  2. No restaurants available in Kalanggaman make sure you have enough food and water. If you get lucky you can buy fresh catch from local fishermen. Grilling stations and tables that are available for tourists.
  3. Best months to visit is of course during summer (January to June). Expect occasional rain if your trip is between July and late December.
  4. Be prepared for strong winds starting 6:00 in the evening onwards. We experienced it ourselves and out tents almost knocked down to the ground. That strong wind lasted for more than 30 minutes. Then rain followed, it did not stop until the next morning.  (we went there in July) Few posts were available online about the strong wind at night..
  5. There are lots of activities you can do in the island such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, aqua biking and camping.
  6. As mentioned earlier, no resorts in the island but you can bring your own tent if you want to stay overnight.
  7. Do not travel between 12 noon to 3 pm if you want to avoid rocky boat ride
  8. If you are more than lucky, going to the island between around 6:00am, you may find yourself being entertained by dolphins.
  9. Clean Restrooms and Shower Areas are available in the island.
  10. Bring Power Banks for your electronic devices, theres no electricity in the Island, self-charging device/solar devices will come very handy.


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